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“The Other Boys of Summer" explores civil rights in America through the lives of the Negro League baseball players. The film is narrated by Cicely Tyson and features never-before-seen interviews with the trailblazers who played alongside of Jackie Robinson and changed baseball AND America forever. Through the lens of America’s pastime “The Other Boys of Summer” draws from our past to shine the spotlight on issues that dominate today’s headlines.


The film is the centerpiece of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program that has positively impacted thousands. It's a powerful tool to bring people together and create a space for courageous conversations.
The program has proven exceptionally valuable to dozens of  companies, schools and communities across demographics. In 2023 MLB partnered with the film for a Barnstorming Tour throughout the Minor Leagues. We're proud to be able to inspire people, create ally-ships and be an agent of change. As of 2023, the program has reached over 100 communities and organizations.

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