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Best Documentary Award

The Chesapeake Film Festival has selected The Other Boys of Summer for Best Documentary, 2022. This indie passion project continues to shine and be an agent for change. Over a decade ago Lauren Meyer (Director/Filmmaker) set out to interview the Negro League baseball players because she wanted to hear what it was like to pursue their dreams in spite of segregation and racism. Racism never made sense to her, so she hoped that by hearing the stories from those who experienced the worst of it first hand, she could better understand the WHY.

Over a dozen years since that first interview, the film is shining brightly sharing the personal stories of unsung civil rights trailblazers. It preserves the legacy of the men (and women) who played alongside Jackie Robinson and changed America. The film has created a platform for the humble heroes of the Negro Leagues and provides a space for people to come together and engage in conversations about race, equity, inclusion and the power of allies.

As of 2022 all but one of the players interviewed in the film has passed on; but, their vibrance, passion and humility continue to inspire audiences of all colors, ages, religions and economic status. The film has become the centerpiece of valuable DEI program being used by companies, communities and schools to bring people together and build community.

As fan favorite John "Mule" Miles tells us, "I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining".

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