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2023 Production Company Highlights

Last year was filled with great clients and projects that ran the gamut. We produced a 12 city Minor League Baseball barnstorming tour sharing The Other Boys of Summer with thousands. Being able to take an idea and produce a documentary that inspires thousands was even bigger than the dream. Then to build a Diversity Equity & Inclusion program with it and be able to say we've reached over 100 cities/towns, companies, schools and organizations was honestly mind-blowing. The Other Boys of Summer celebrates it's 5th anniversary on January 31, 2024.

The heart of Tumbleweed Pictures is being a production company that can take an idea from concept to delivery. Now we realize that we can harness those skills and apply them to many other areas. It's all about being open to ideas, willingness to work hard and the ability to problem solve. 2023 proved that Tumbleweed Pictures has superpowers. =)

In addition to the success of The Other Boys of Summer Barnstorming Tour with MiLB, we also brought the program to large corporations like Octagon and Eaton. We did programs with The Harlem Little League, University of Delaware, The Cincinnati Reds and SF Giants. We participated in Jackie Robinson Day in Grand Rapids, MI. We were selected for the kickoff session of Dynamic's 2023 Employee Summit. We joined L.E.A.D. in Atlanta for their inaugural community convening event and collaborated with many other great people and places.

Tumbleweed Pictures joined forces with Truth DEI consulting as part of TRUTH RETREATS.Truth Retreats is an immersive civil rights journey to truth and reconciliation through the lens of cultural humility.

Our passion remains storytelling and being able to collaborate with clients to produce powerful content across multiple platforms. We're digging in deeper and looking forward to new and exciting projects. Let us know if you have an idea you need produced or a story you'd like to tell. Tumbleweed can provide production services, amazing crew and people who make your vision a reality. Tumbleweeds may seem a bit rogue to some, but they're also mavericks that blaze new trails and grow as they travel. Lookout 2024, Tumbleweed Pictures is ready to roll in your direction.

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