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The Other Boys of Summer travels to Racine, WI

SC Johnson brought our Diversity & Inclusion program to their Global HQ in Racine, WI.

We toured the campus and learned about Frank Lloyd Wright. He was very strong willed. We heard a great story that he insisted on 3 legged chairs that he "perfectly" designed for their space, until he met with Mr. Johnson and sat in one. He ultimately fell over in his chair as he reached for a pen that had "conveniently" fallen off of Mr. Johnson's desk.

The campus was great and what was even better was showing The Other Boys of Summer at the historic Golden Rondelle Theater. We did a community program and a program for 6 local HS's. The film continues to inspire people of all ages.

We have programs booked into 2020 and are always looking to bring the story to as many places as possible. If you're reading this and want to find out more email

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